Ice Age Village cheats

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Are you a fan of the animated movie series Ice Age? If you are, I am sure you have heard of this game called “Ice Age Village”. If you have not, you can check out the links at the end of this article. The absorbing and almost addictive game is available for most mobile devices. And here are some Ice Age Village cheats!

Now if you find yourself addicted to the game like I did and are trying to win through the levels fast and have some more fun without spending too much of your time, I have a neat little cheat or trick for you! With this little trick you can…

Get as many coins as you want, in just SECONDS!
Get as many coins as you want, in just SECONDS!
free coins cheat ice age village
in Daily Bonus as many times as you want every day!

The trick is…

It is simpler than you thought it is. Here is what you have to do:

  • Disable the internet connection on your mobile phone/device.
  • Go to your date/time settings and change the date to a future date. For example, if today is 3rd January, 2015…just change it to 4th January, 2015.
  • Now reopen Ice Age Village.
  • Worked for you? Let us know in comments!

It sure did work for me! And I could just trick the application into thinking that a day has passed. And it produced all the coins and other stuff for me.
NOTE: When you have played to your heart’s content, do not forget to set the date/time correctly again! Otherwise all your internet apps, email notifications…everything will be messed up and out of sequence. After setting the date/time to proper values you can turn on your internet connection and work as always.

What all can you do with this Ice Age Village cheat?
Here are just a few ideas. Have more ideas? Share in comments! We all love the game, don’t we?

Get more and more coins. You can buy more space for your village or build a beautiful village when you can buy just about anything in minutes! And as you get more and more families and feed them, the faster you progress across levels and unlock more and more cool stuff!

buy more items in ice age village game
Buy more and more fun stuff!
New level cheat ice age village
Unlock as many levels as you want – fast!

Is that all?

You love Scrat too, don’t you? Now you can also play the funny game Kung Fu Scrat that comes inside Ice Age Village.
To play Kung Fu Scrat you need silver coins. A free Silver coin is given to you every day and you can use one coin to play the coin once. So if you advance the date setting by one day, you get a free silver coin instantly and can play Kung Fu Scrat as many times as you want. Cool, is it not?
You can even advance time so that you hatch eggs instantly and do not have to wait for it!

hatch babies ice age village
Hatch eggs instantly!
play kung fu scrat
Play Kung Fu scrat a hundred times a day free!

And the best part of it is the surprises that you get. I got the Dodo Bird while playing Kung Fu Scrat. What did you get?
Exciting, is it not? Enjoy the game and share this page with your friends too if you liked the trick!

Win a dodo ice age village

If you have not tried this great game yet, you can download it for your mobile devices now. You would love it!
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