Memory card for Dell Venue 8 Pro

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With updates installed and some basic programs installed, you are left with barely 5GB of free space on your Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet, especially if you have not deleted your recovery partition to free up about 5GB of additional space. This makes more memory necessary to have if you want to use the tablet comfortably. The option of adding storage in the form of microSDHC or microSDXC card comes to the rescue here. There are two popular cards available at the lower end of the budget range. They are not the best blazing high speed cards in the market, but they sure work for the purpose of installing the less often used, large programs and also to store downloaded files and/or documents. Anything that does not need excessive to and fro transfer works good.

The two options here are the

The Strontium cards cost a little less compared to the SanDisk cards for the same capacity. But which one is better? Is the SanDisk worth the little extra money you have to part with?

Data transfer speeds


Let us first talk about the Strontium Nitro card. I own a 16GB variant and it costs less than the SanDisk Ultra 16GB. I did some file transfers and noticed the read/write speeds. I did not do any in-depth analysis that many people would do out there because my tablet is not a life-critical application, but some simple to and fro transfers and software installation times proved the SanDisk to perform better. Note that the performance differs depending on the batch of memory card and also your tablet configuration. So this is just from my experience and supposed to help you decide which one to pick for your tablet.

Strontium 433x Nitro read speed

Strontium 433x nitro card read speed dell venue 8 pro So, what does this tell you? The initial read speed is lower. But consistent reading, the card does well at about 22.5 MB/s. But for reading short chunks of data, like most running applications usually do, the card may take up too much time to read the data out. Now lets look at the write speed…

Strontium 433x Nitro write speed

Strontium 433x nitro card write speed dell venue 8 pro

The write speed also in high for initial part and later it reduces…but it gains back soon and reached upto about 11.5 MB/s. This means that the card is expected to perform equally good for large file accesses and also for short file access. That is not a negative aspect.

What about the SanDisk Ultra? Does it perform better for the little extra price that you had to pay for it?

 SanDisk Ultra write speed

Sandisk ultra card write speed dell venue 8 pro



he write speed is over 20 MB/s initially and it cools down to 12 MB/s which is still better than the Strontium Nitro. Also, initial fast transfer guarantees that accessing fragmented files and small chunks will be very fast. Here, I would prefer the SanDisk card for the little extra money I have to pay for it.

Sandisk ultra card read speed dell venue 8 pro

SanDisk Ultra read speed

Well the read speed is also a bit faster than the Strontium at 23.5 MB/s. Again, I would prefer this card over the other. A slight difference will amount to a lot when transferring huge amounts of data, which you will when using a huge capacity like this.


The SanDisk Ultra family seems to be a good choice and preferably better than the Nitro card. So far I have been using the Nitro on my phone and the SanDisk Ultra on the tab without any issues. I did install a couple of programs on it by mounting it as a folder in the main drive of the tablet and the card is performing just fine.

Which card did you use? Have a good suggestion? Comment below!