Applying for a job off-campus? Day of week matters!

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In the final year of your college? Are you applying for an off-campus job? If you are applying for technical positions in large engineering corporations, the entire game changes outside of the usual campus recruitment drives.

While you may have all your focus on your resume and your application text, you may miss opportunities for reasons as trivial as the day of the week you applied on! So how does this really make a difference? If you have worked with corporations before, you would probably know this already. Lets go over a very convincing argument on why a day may be or may not be the best day to apply on.

off campus job application tip day matters

Yes, this does vary across countries and cultures. Work culture can be very diverse, but this trend can be seen very often in a lot of corporations.


When you directly approach companies, you are most likely to either contact their customer support system to get the correct person or mail them at their dedicated “Careers” E-mail (if you plan to fill up online forms, this article is not for you. And don’t call them up on phone looking for a job!). The fact with corporate life is – there is no weekend. The employees may have their weekend off, but the customers who use the products will find time to complain and request assistance on weekends!

The result – your application is among on the top of the pile ot tasks for the week. So if you apply on a Monday, don’t be surprised if you end up having your application on the fast track. However, having your application on a pile of tasks can make your application “just another task” which is rushed through.

Therefore, Monday may not be the best day to approach for part time jobs or internships!


Tuesdays are rather relaxed in a generic corporate environment. The Monday rush and chaos are over and Tuesday is the time to schedule and plan the rest of the week. And you probably know, it takes quite an effort to actually schedule an interview and negotiate things with applicants. So in order to make sure that your application becomes a part of the plan for the week, get your application out there by Tuesday afternoon! Tuesday is usually when most experienced people apply for jobs.


If you left the application on a Tuesday night, you took the smart step. But if you missed it, Wednesday is just as good as a Tuesday. However, the morning time is probably better. Too far into the week, things start getting out of your hands once again. Why? Read on!


Not a good day to go around filling forms and applying for vacancies. The corporate machinery is more complex than it seems it is. If you used support form to ask about things, your application will end up with a technician who would scratch his head for an hour (because he only understands product defects). He will then decide he should pass it on to the HR desk. The HR folks will again scratch their head and conclude they should refer it to another HR personnel with the relevant skills needed to review your application. By this time, it is probably Friday already. The HR manager with technical expertise will get your application and leave it out for Monday – because an HR manager with technical knowledge probably has more important stuff to attend to.

On Monday, there will be chaos keeping up with weekend issues. It might be that you yourself have forgotten your application details by now!


Worst day to apply. Things are being put together for a smooth weekend and people are struggling to wind up with weekly targets. Your application will not make it anywhere, unless someone really takes interest and makes a note of it. But then, why take chances?

Saturday and Sunday

Well, better than a Thursday and Friday for sure! But don’t absolutely count on a holiday to bring any miracles with it. You may typically get a response in the middle of the week or probably never!

Make sure that you always consider the fact that it takes time for the application to be passed on to the right person. Aim to schedule a response or interview around Friday and therefore apply on a Tuesday to help the reviewer go through your application at his/her convenience!

True, a Monday or a Tuesday does not guarantee anything. But it does increase your chances of being seen and treated right. Quite an unexpected off-campus job application tip, isn’t it? Good luck!

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