Windows 10 shut down problem – tested solutions

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Windows 10 is wonderful. But let’s face it – it has been released for consumers but is still going around carrying a lot of issues that affect even home users with their daily tasks. While inconvenient user interface or low battery life is still fine, trouble in shutting down every single time you work on your laptop is a very troublesome and frustrating situation. So here is how you can deal with the annoying shutdown problem.

Here is a video you might want to take a look at instead of reading through the article:


The shutdown problem

How do you know you have the shutdown problem in Windows 10 mentioned here?
If you shut down your laptop after using for over 2-3 hours and it does shut down (caps lock no longer works, screen off…) but the power indicator or the front panel lights are still on. Maybe the fan is running? Laptop getting heated even though it is off? Overnight battery drainage even if you have a new battery. These are the issues that tell that you have the shutdown issue too.

What is wrong?

Your battery is not faulty, nor is your laptop defective. That is some good news, right?
The problem is that some software/drivers do not work well on Windows 10 even though they worked perfectly in Windows 8.1. You will get the shutdown problem on many laptops that were not specifically designed to run Windows 10. So if you just upgraded your laptop to Windows 10, or fresh installed it, you can get this issue.

Solution to the shutdown problem

There are 3 ways to get rid of this issue:
1. Go to power options, click Choose what closing the lid does and disable the fast startup option in there. Restart your laptop. This should solve your problem (it works on many laptops). If not, read on…

2. The Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI) is the conflicting application in many cases. This software gets installed on your laptop when you first install Windows 10 (or as part of the updates later on). The problem is with version 10 and 11 of the IMEI and if you install IMEI 9, the shutdown problem is solved. For this, you may find and install IMEI 9.xx from the Intel website or your laptop manufacturer’s drivers download page.
Observe if your problem is solved after doing this. If not, uninstall or install Intel Rapid Storage Technology, which causes problems too sometimes.

3. If none of the above worked, make sure your BIOS is fully updated. BIOS updates are available on the manufacturer driver download page, then retry the above 2 steps. If it still does not work, you can always restart+shutdown instead of just shutting down after working. This works because the shutdown problem is caused only when you have been working on the laptop for too long. Restarting and shutting down usually ensures smooth and proper shut down.